Fleet Sales FAQs

Q: Who can purchase retired MSHP vehicles? A: Political subdivisions and state agencies within Missouri or another state may purchase retired vehicles at our Jefferson City location. Simply contact our fleet sales office at (573) 526-6147 for details. Q: Do you sell vehicles to the general public? A: Vehicles are not available to the general public at our Jefferson City facility. However, pursuant to Missouri statute, vehicles that do not sell to government entities may be sold to the general public. Contact our fleet sales office at (573) 526-6147 for information related to public sales. Q: What color are your police vehicles? A: Our Ford Police Interceptor Utilities, Chevrolet Tahoe PPV utilities, and Dodge Charger sedans are available in a variety of standard factory colors. You may choose from any colors available. Q: How many miles have the sedans been driven? A: Dodge Chargers are typically driven approximately 54,500 miles before they are taken out of service and sold. Mileage varies for other vehicle types. Contact our fleet sales office at (573) 526-6147 for more information. Q: Do your provide a vehicle warranty? A: No. Vehicles are sold "as-is". However, all retired MSHP vehicles are subjected to a rigorous multi-point inspection prior to sale. Following this inspection and any required service, the vehicles are professionally detailed and placed on our lot, ready for your final inspection and selection. Most vehicles have the remainder of the 5 year, 100,000 mile factory powertrain warranty. Q: Are service records available? A: Yes. Service records are available for all MSHP vehicles.