Process and Forms

VECHS Application Process

For consideration in the Missouri VECHS program, an organization will need to do the following steps:

1. Submit an application (SHP-980) along with your current Missouri business license to:

Via mail:
MSHP - CJIS Division
Attn: Missouri VECHS Program
Post Office Box 9500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-9500

Via fax:
(978) 244-8842


Or call:
573-526-6153, Extension 5098 for the Noncriminal Justice (NCJ) Training & Auditing Unit.

The Application (SHP-980) must be completed in full, explaining what functions your organization/agency/school performs that specifically serve children, elderly or disabled persons.

2. The MSHP CJIS Division will review your application for eligibility. Review process time may take several weeks.

3. If approved, the qualified entity is notified via email and will be provided with the program Originating Agency Routing Identifier (ORI) and the agency identification code (OCA), the waiver agreement and statement form, and fingerprint services form. Qualified entities will be eligible to receive:

  • An indication that the applicant has no criminal history, i.e., no serious arrests in Missouri or the FBI databases, if there are none;
  • The Record of Arrest and Prosecution (RAP) sheet from Missouri (open and closed records) and FBI records, if any, that shows arrests and/or convictions;
  • Notification if the applicant is a Missouri registered sex offender.

NOTE: Criminal history record information received from the MSHP and FBI under the National Child Protection Act, as amended, and section 43.539 RSMo, shall be used or shared only for the screening of current or prospective MISSOURI applicants, employees, volunteers, contractors, and/or vendors of QUALIFIED ENTITIES, pursuant to these laws. Misuse or unauthorized release of the information may result in immediate deactivation from the VECHS program.

SHP-980 VECHS Application

MOVECHS Brochure

CJIS Security Policy

NCJ Policy Manual