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Crash Reports Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a copy of the official crash report?
Preliminary crash report information on this web site is posted automatically and remains online for 29 days. To obtain an official crash report copy, or for information about a specific crash, you must contact your local Highway Patrol troop headquarters or the Patrol's Traffic Division at (573) 526-6113. Please allow at least ten working days from the date of the crash before requesting the official report.

What is the source of the crash report information?
The "online crash reports" come directly from the Patrol's nine troop headquarter radio rooms. When an officer investigates a motor vehicle crash that involves an injury or a death, the officer makes a radio report to the respective troop headquarters where the crash occurred. The radio operator types the radio report into the Patrol's computer system and then sends it to all other troop headquarters and General Headquarters. By using a special code, the radio operator can transmit the online crash report where it is automatically posted.

How soon after the crash are the reports online?
The radio report is filed by the investigating officer as soon as feasible which could be within the hour after the crash occurred, or it could be up to a day or more later. As soon as the radio operator transmits the message, it is posted. In regard to fatality crashes, the next of kin of the fatality
victim(s) must be notified before personal information is released.

Does the patrol investigate non-injury crashes?
The Missouri State Highway Patrol investigates thousands of non-injury motor vehicle crashes each year. However, radio crash reports on these types of crashes are not made because of the strain they would cause on various computer systems. Consequently, they do not appear on this site.

Who decides what information is included in the official motor vehicle crash reports?
The information on the reports is established by the Missouri Traffic Records Committee and final approval of the form comes from the Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The superintendent is given this authority by Chapter 43 of the state statutes.

What if I'm in an crash and don't want some of this information public?
All information on crash reports is considered an "open record" and cannot be withheld from the public.

What if some of the information is inaccurate?
Any party involved in the crash, or their attorney, can contact the Highway Patrol troop headquarters of the officer investigating the crash to question any part of the report.

Are all crashes reported? What about crashes inside the city limits?
Not all traffic crashes are reported to law enforcement. However, most insurance companies require an crash report before they'll handle the claim. In most cases, the Patrol does not work traffic crashes that occur within the city limits unless asked to do so by the local police department. Crashes investigated and reported by city or county law enforcement officers are still filed with the Patrol but do not appear on this site.

Can you email a report to me?
Sorry, but no. With thousands of people visiting the site every month, that's not practical.

How can I contact the Missouri Highway Patrol?
The phone number of the closest troop headquarters should be in your local phone book. You can also find addresses and phone numbers at the MSHP website.